Pampered Protesters

The hordes of so-called “protesters” now polluting the streets of several U.S. cities, including New York, are sending confused messages about their grievances.

The unemployed among them complain that the jobs available to them are beneath them. I guess that cancels out the old concept of starting in the mail-room and advancing step-by-step to the boardroom. It used to be the norm that one started at the bottom and worked their way up. This bunch seems to be living under the delusion that simply by virtue of having been born they are entitled to immediate arrival at the boardroom level with appropriate compensation.

Viewing these unruly mob scenes, featuring numerous public sexual activities posing as protests, I am reminded of the manner in which my Dad dealt with such malcontents. If they were government employees he simply fired them. It worked. The remaining ones slinked back to work.

And I recall how he dealt with his son (me) back in 1965 when I dropped out of Arizona State University and thought that I was simply going home to live with — and off — either my Mom or Dad, who were then divorced. When I got home I found that their doors were locked to college dropouts.

Nancy, my ever-loving step-mom, was busy calling all branches of the military to let them know I was a college dropout and thus now eligible to be drafted.

When I finally was able to speak to my parents they simply told me to find another place to live and to get a job. I did both. I moved in with some friends and got a job working at Asbury Transportation Company in Los Angeles loading oil-well freight from 5:00 p.m. to 1:30 a.m., Monday through Friday. That’s where I was working when my father was elected governor of California.

Did I complain that my lowly job was beneath my new station in life as the son of the governor of California? How could I? I was the one who set that bar low when I dropped out of college. So to all you spoiled brats marching and wanting better pay or bigger allowances, take a good, long look in the mirror, not at Wall Street, and if you want to blame something blame OBAMACARE! Your employers or parents have to spend the money you might have received in raises to pay for that socialist monstrosity.

I am still amazed that these kids can find time to congregate in city streets, which are in many cases far from their hometowns. Somebody has to be paying their way; in most cases their beleaguered parents are stuck with the bill for their latest adventure, which has nothing to do with education and a lot to do with left-wing politics and public lovemaking, if that’s what it’s called.

And the media willingly — indeed, eagerly — give the protesters lots of free publicity. Media outlets should start ignoring them and we’ll see how fast they disband and slink back home. They thrive on the publicity the media provide.

Finally, the long-suffering parents ought to close their pockets and deny their wayward brats the money that allows them to travel to the big city to make pests of themselves.

Go home. Now. But before you do, clean up the messes you have made.

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Amanda Knox: A Cautionary Tale

From now on, parents who plan to send their children abroad to study in a foreign nation should sit them down in front of the TV set and watch replays of the Amanda Knox saga. It has all the elements of a true-to-life lesson in the dangers of turning young men and women barely out of their teens into innocents abroad.

Youngsters — and many parents — are clueless when it comes to the customs and laws in other countries that lack many of the safeguards which we Americans take for granted. They should study the Amanda Knox case. It is a clear warning that — unlike here in the United State — in many foreign countries the accused is automatically guilty until proven innocent.

Consider this: Amanda Knox spent four years in prison before being tried in court on charges that ultimately appear to have been baseless. Moreover, her chief accuser himself now faces trial and possible imprisonment for misconduct. She was made hostage to a system of justice where the accused is guilty until proven innocent and she was locked away until a trial in court could take place, which in Amanda’s case took 48 long months behind bars. .

Four years in an Italian slammer — four years of waiting for a trial and a chance to tell her side of the story!

It is said that ignorance of the law is not an excuse for violating the law. That’s true here, but no consideration is given to Americans visiting foreign nations, who cannot be expected to understand all the ins and outs of the laws of those nations.

It is true that foreign travel is broadening. It can also be hazardous for young Americans born and bred in the best and fairest nation in the world, where the court system is designed to protect their rights and freedom of the citizenry — an uncommon idea in many nations abroad.

I can readily understand why some parents believe that study abroad enhances their offspring’s education. But I cannot understand how some parents can send their youngsters off to foreign counties to be on their own in a totally alien environment where many of the safeguards to their freedom, common here in the United States, simply do not exist. Many parents should consider accompanying their children on excursions abroad.

Parents need to wake up to the fact that the United States is the best and fairest country in the world. Our God-given freedom guaranteed by the Constitution is the reason why we have become the wealthiest nation in the word. Parents should educate themselves and their youngsters on the laws and customs of foreign nations before sending them abroad to study; otherwise they run the risk of losing them to an alien system of justice.

Amanda was lucky. You and your family might not be so lucky.

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Get Serious!

There’s an old curse that begs, “O that mine enemy would write a book.” That’s a desire getting a big play in the debates between Mitt Romney and Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who are both trashing my Dad Ronald Reagan’s so-called “11th Commandment,” that Republicans must refrain from attacking each other in public.

Like just about everybody else I’m being wearied by both Mitt Romney and Rick Perry citing passages from each other’s books to prove a point. All they do is prove that they can read and write. We need more than that in a president.

As my Jewish friends in Miami would say, “Enough, already!”

Romney and Perry need to knock it off. What we really want to know is exactly what they, as president, would do to get America back on the right track. We want to know what their visions are for America’s future. Their public spats are simply giving Barack Obama juicy material for his TV ads in the general election in 2012.

Moreover, they have managed to transform a previously politically unknown pizza mogul, Herman Cain, into a real player in the presidential sweepstakes and given a lot of publicity to his so-called 9-9-9 Plan, which lays out his means to get this nation back on track.

Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan is taking hold of the public’s attention because of its simplicity and clarity. It’s easy to understand and you don’t have to read a book to grasp its essentials. Romney and Perry need to adopt the old standard of “keeping it simple, stupid.” The public has neither the time nor the will to wrestle with complex political propositions.

With all the focus on book passages, Perry and Romney have also given Newt Gingrich a new lease on his political life. Newt doesn’t waste his time prattling about literature. He doesn’t direct you to some pages in some book. Instead, he answers questions directly and without waffling. He also has a vision of what America can be under the right leadership. He has something Perry and Romney appear to lack — a vision of an America reborn and the ways to get there; Professor Gingrich provides that without being professorial.

Republicans have certain core values — we believe in small and limited government, legitimate states’ rights, and in adhering to the principles enunciated in the Constitution. Those values enshrouded in the Constitution have transformed what was once a collection of frontier communities into history’s wealthiest and most powerful nation. Candidates for the Republican presidential nomination need to prove they understand exactly what the Constitution demands of them and show they are willing and able to conform to those demands.

Nowadays, politics has come to be seen as just another spectator sport, like football or baseball. We treat candidates as players in a sport, chalking up their hits, runs and errors. Unlike sports, however, politics affects the lives and futures of every single American. Unfortunately, unlike Vegas, what happens in Washington doesn’t stay in Washington — it hits us exactly where we live.

The media are no help in giving us the information we need to make informed judgments about candidates. Instead, many in the so-called mainstream media have allowed themselves to become cheerleaders for leftist political candidates and causes. They need to be reined in by an alert public and forced to fulfill their responsibilities as news sources, and not as advocates for one side or the other.

These are the sort of solid issues with which the candidates need to be dealing. So far they are not doing so. Until they do it’s hard to take them seriously. And, like it or not, politics is serious business.

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Hang Together or Hang Alone

There’s one sure way for Republicans and conservatives to lose the 2012 presidential election — split over who their presidential nominee will be, and fail to go all-out to support the winner.

People keep asking me, “What would your father, Ronald Reagan, do?” The answer is easy. No matter who the nominee is, he or she would get his support. After all, his famous “11th Commandment” demanded that Republicans support their party’s nominee, no matter who he or she might be.

He certainly would have supported John McCain in 2008. Tragically, if the party of Ronald Reagan had followed what would have been his lead, John McCain — not Barack Obama — would the president of these United States today. If Obama is not to be re-elected in 2012, Republicans need to get their act together, decide on a nominee, and back him or her to the hilt.

Let’s look at some flaws of the current frontrunners. Both Romney and Perry, like the rest of us, have their share of flaws — Perry for having signed an executive order to inoculate 12-year-old girls against HPV, and signing a bill to provide in-state tuition to illegal aliens.

As for Mitt Romney, his membership in the Mormon church has earned the hostility of some Christians, and his institution of so-called Romneycare when he was governor of Massachusetts has been questioned by many conservatives.

As things stand now, either Perry or Romney will be the 2012 Republican presidential nominee. Republicans will be obliged to support the winner if we can hope to win the presidential election, no matter the flaws.

It’s important to recall that Ronald Reagan outraged some Republicans when as California’s governor he raised taxes and signed an abortion bill and became the first California governor to sign a no-fault divorce law Despite all this, he still went on to become the greatest U.S. president of our lifetime.

If he were alive today and we were to nominate him in 2012, I wonder which wing of the GOP his opponents would come from.

Regardless of the outcome of such a confrontation, Republicans will have to either hang together or hang alone.

Should either Romney or Perry win the GOP presidential nomination, we are either going to support the winner in the November election or watch Barack Obama win a second term. Republicans simply can’t afford to be bystanders in 2012.

Put it this way: Who do you hope will be the president when 2013 dawns: Barack Obama or a Republican? The answer is clear, whether our nominee is Romney or Perry or even someone else, such as Michele Bachmann.

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The Truth Will Out

No matter what the record shows, there will always be the nay-sayers who have no trouble ignoring facts as obvious as the noses on their faces.

Sunday was the 10th anniversary of the horror we call simply by the numerals that mark its point in time. Anyone who watched the minute-by-minute film record of the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center buildings broadcast by cable networks such as Fox, MS-NBC and CNN — and had any doubts about what happened and who made it happen — has a serious gap in their ability to process information clearly presented.

They exist, however, laughably calling themselves “truthers” despite their obvious inability to recognize the truth even when it stares them straight in their clouded eyes. How they can look at the films showing such horrors as the suicidal leaps of our fellow human beings trapped in the flames and still convince themselves that the whole thing was a hoax thrust on us by the Bush administration and the federal government is simply an astounding reaction to the plain truth faithfully recorded by plain citizens with cameras.

Those who fail to understand that this was an act of war committed by terrorists fail to understand that there are those who hate us, and hate our way of life, and are willing to go to any lengths to inflict serious harm on this nation and do it for all the world to see.

The idea that recognizing that a state of war exists between the people of the United States and those who would inflict a worldwide Islamic dictatorship on the people of the United States seems to have escaped the notice of the self-described “truthers.”

Prominent among them is an academic, ultra-leftist and somewhat disoriented New York Times columnist, one Professor Paul Krugman, who viewed the ceremonies surrounding the recognition of 9/11 as mere hucksterism. In a column called “repugnant” by former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Krugman pilloried as shameful those who want to commemorate this great American tragedy.

I’ll tell you want is really shameful — it’s the vision of this leftist academic dancing on the graves of the victims of 9/11 from the safety of his office. Civilians, firefighters and other first responders willingly went into the jaws of certain death in an attempt to rescue their fellow New Yorkers trapped in the two doomed towers. We all know of their heroism and stand in awe of their willingness to serve in those dark hours. Demeaning those who celebrate the heroism of those who risked their lives — or died trying to rescue their fellow human beings — is simply beneath contempt.

I’m certain that the souls of these heroes of 9/11 willingly forgive the likes of Professor Krugman from their refuge in paradise. Down here in the trenches of the war against terrorism, forgiveness doesn’t come all that easy. We are entreated to pray for our enemies. So mutter a prayer for Professor Krugman. Although he probably doubts the power of prayer, he needs all the prayer he can get.

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Professors Don’t Have All the Answers

President Obama has nominated Princeton University Professor Alan Krueger to be chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisors. Saying that “I have nothing but confidence in Alan as he takes on this important role,” Obama described him as one of the nation’s leading economists.

Nonsense! Washington needs to stop listening to these allegedly high-minded academics who have helped get us into this fouled-up economy.

“Cash for Clunkers”? Please! Enough with academics from Princeton, Harvard, Chicago and Yale who have never run a business nor created a single private sector job, It is long past time for us to put a business person in this post, someone who has actually created jobs .

This has got to stop. NO MORE LIBERAL PROFESSORS getting top administration jobs! If you must have an academic, however, why not try someone on the faculty at Eureka College where my dad Ronald Reagan got his degree in Economics. It worked for him and it worked for the good old USA!

Krueger, 50, described as a “labor specialist” who served in the Treasury Department earlier in the Obama administration, will succeed Austan Goolsbee, who has now returned the University of Chicago. According to Obama, Krueger is “a key voice on a vast array of economic issues for more than two decades. Alan understands the difficult challenges our country faces, and I have confidence that he will help us meet those challenges as one of the leaders on my economic team.”

Fox News reported Monday that, according to one administration official, “Krueger’s job will be to provide policy prescriptions on ways to spur employment… [he] has worked on several analyses at Treasury, including the impact of tax incentives to encourage employers to hire, the ‘cash for clunkers’ program to expand vehicle purchases, the Small Business Lending Fund and Build America taxable municipal bonds.”

He was previously employed as the chief economist at the Labor Department during the Clinton administration, and has published studies on job growth, the minimum wage, and the economic backgrounds of terrorists.

Impressive. But this nation’s phenomenal growth in a mere 200 years from a collection of British colonies to the world’s leading financial colossus was hardly the result of the labors of college economics professors working in government jobs. It was ordinary Americans, most without college degrees or even high school diplomas, who rolled up their sleeves and built the world’s most advanced nation from the plains and forests of a largely undeveloped new world.

Academia was not the engine that created 21st Century America — it was a passenger riding free in the caboose. The salaries and other perks available to members of the professorate are paid with funds resulting from the sweat and grit of ordinary Americans whom the academics routinely demean as being beneath their notice, except when they are reaching for their paychecks or grants.

It is not surprising that former academic Barack Obama should turn to the groves of academia to find appointees to key government jobs. It’s where he hails from; it’s where he was comfortable, free of the cares and competitions of a dog-eat-dog economy.

I don’t have anything against Professor Krueger. As far as I know he is fully qualified for his new job. It’s the job itself that bothers me; the marriage of government and the professional economics community that makes me uncomfortable. The two are not compatible, one being devoted to the commonweal, the other to more esoteric pursuits.

I guess that’s what you end up with when you elect an academic with no real-life experiences in the world of cash and carry, where the majority of us live.

Read more:

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United States Must Lead in Libya

With approximately 135 different tribes within its borders, the hard lifting in Libya now begins. It is incumbent upon the United States to take a lead role in this vital area. No more of the Obama policy of leading from the rear — the U.S. must lead, and must lead from the front.

The Libyan people have not breathed freedom since the tyrant Gadhafi took control of their government way back in 1969. It may not be easy for Libyans to learn how to be free after all that time, but we can and must help them.

There are factions in Libya that support terrorism, and we cannot allow them to gain control of a nation with $85 million a day coming from oil sales and with upwards of $150 billion in assets now frozen by international action. We also cannot allow known weapons supplies and raw nuclear material to get into the hands of the enemies of freedom now vying for power.

That lead role will be critical. With Gadhafi’s 42-year-long dictatorship all but over, Libya’s new leaders face what Peter Apps of Reuters called “the daunting task of restoring order, beginning reconstruction and avoiding collapse into conflict and chaos.”

Libya’s now-frozen assets need to be made available to the new government. Providing access to frozen funds and restoring oil exportation should enable the government to build a stable authority and support the change to a market economy.

“What you almost always find in these cases is that postwar planning hasn’t kept pace with the planning for the conflict itself,” according to David Hartwell, a Middle East analyst at IHS Janes, as reported by Reuters. He adds, “There’s going to be a lot to do”

Gadhafi’s corrupt dictatorship spent more than 40 years imposing a socialist framework to put most of the economy into the fumbling hands of the government; perhaps 70 percent of all Libyans are dependent on government employment of some sort. New leaders will inherit an infrastructure damaged by corruption, neglect and war. It might take years to restore oil production and rebuild the economy.

Mohsin Khan, a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, told, “It’s going to be a tough economic situation. The new Libyan government will have a choice to make — which way it wants to go. That’s critical in determining how it rebounds.”

This is reminiscent of the choices faced by governments in Eastern Europe after the fall of the Soviet Union.

In the face of all this chaos, America’s leadership plays golf in Martha’s Vineyard, seemingly oblivious to the perils involved in the political chaos of the Middle East.

In the meantime, the need to unfreeze Libyan assets so that funds can quickly flow back into Libya was addressed by Catherine Ashton, the European Union foreign affairs chief who insists that frozen funds flow freely back into Libyan coffers.

“This is about making sure that people are paid, civil servants police officers, whoever, also making sure that there are supplies in the shops and so on, helping to make the economy function,” Ashton said in a speech Tuesday.

She didn’t add that it’s hard to do all that on the ninth hole of a golf course in Martha’s Vineyard.

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Obama Could Learn From Ronald Reagan

If President Obama really wants to get the U.S. economy going again, he could do worse than to study the results of my Dad’s 1981 Economic Recovery Act, which boosted the economy by leaps and bounds.

Take the matter of jobs, for example. Thanks to the 1981 act, an astounding 20 million new jobs were created. Moreover, inflation dropped from 13.5 percent in 1980 to a mere 4.1 percent by 1988, and unemployment fell from 7.6 percent to 5.5 percent.

Moreover, the net worth of families earning between $20,000 and $50,000 annually grew by 27 percent. At the same time, the real gross national product jumped by 26 percent and the prime interest rate was slashed by half — from 21.5 percent in January 1981 to 10 percent in August 1988.

The amount of individual tax revenues rose from $244 billion in 1980 to $446 billion in 1989. Moreover, total tax revenues jumped grew by almost 100 percent, rising by 99.4 percent during the 1980s. The act produced 92 months of healthy economic growth — the longest period of peacetime in the post WWII period.

Under my Dad, marginal tax rates were cut from a top rate of 70 percent to a mere 28 percent, while revenues to the U.S. government from all taxes nearly doubled – increasing from roughly $500 billion to an astronomical $1.1 TRILLION in 1990.

Such stellar economic growth was the result of my Dad’s economic policies, which were rooted in his belief in the ability of the American people to make the right decisions concerning their nation’s economic activity. Contrast that with the Obama administration’s quasi-Marxist policies, which seek to make Washington the center of the nation’s economic activity.

This results in aberrations, such as non-elected government boards seeking to dictate to corporations and business where they can and cannot locate their various operations, as we’ve seen in the case of Seattle-based Boeing’s decision to open a plant in South Carolina, a right-to-work state. Incredibly, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is trying to block that move, claiming that it is based solely on the status of that state as a right-to-work state, putting the government in league with Big Labor, which hates giving workers their rights to work as they see fit and wants to prevent the move.

Ronald Reagan would have been appalled by that outrage. When faced with a similar attempt by a labor union to twist the rules governing the behavior of air traffic controllers, my Dad simply fired them all and replaced them. He would have defied any attempt to prevent a company from moving some of their operations to a new location because .a labor union opposed the move on the grounds that it freed employees from the grip of Big Labor bosses.

The Obama administration has displayed outright hostility toward Boeing, using the NLRB to harass the company as it attempts to operate free of government interference. Too bad my Dad isn’t around to curb the power of an out-of-control government agency slavishly bowing to the dictates of a powerful labor union, and not the workers it pretends to represent.

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Blame Obama

President Obama, the Democrat party and their members of Congress have spent years blaming former President George W. Bush for the nation’s current economic woes, which is akin to blaming the bank’s tellers for a bank robbery, or for the dishonesty of their bosses, the bank’s executives who were looting the till.

Nobody in the left-dominated media bothers to note that in the last years of the Bush presidency Democrats controlled the Congress and thus had a death grip on the nation’s economy, having complete control over the nation’s purse strings. They spent and spent and spent the yet-uncollected taxes of future generations — as well as our own — as if there were no tomorrow.

It wasn’t a Bush Congress that jammed the incredible costs of Obamacare down the throats of the American people and their children and grandchildren — it was our spendthrift president and his allies on Capitol Hill doing their classic imitation of the legendary drunken sailors on shore leave.

It’s simply common sense to understand that spending money one doesn’t have in the hopes that the future will provide the needed funds is something like believing that some beneficent tooth fairy will come up with the money in the future.

Now the president and the national Democrat party have suddenly discovered a scapegoat for the latest economic mess they have thrust upon the American people. They insist that the credit-rating downgrade was the fault of the tea party trying to control the nation’s purse strings. I’m not kidding. They really expect us to swallow this whopper as the gospel truth.

They expect us to ignore the fact that the millions of tea party members are simply Americans deeply and sincerely concerned about the nation’s economy and the tendency of the government to spend their hard-earned tax money on whatever scam strikes its fancy.

It’s time to place the blame for our economic malaise where it belongs — on the shoulders of the Obama administration and the Democrats in Congress.

Tea party members have been the voice of reason, not the wild-eyed terrorists portrayed by the left’s crazy spin doctors.

What would have averted the credit-rating downgrade and the subsequent turmoil in the markets? Precisely the spending cuts advocated by the tea party.

According to a statement by Jenny Beth Martin, a co-founder and national coordinator of Tea Party Patriots, the debt-ceiling compromise was full of “accounting tricks and minor ‘cuts’ to spending.” She warns that these so-called cuts do not reduce our national debt. They are simply cuts to future deficit spending.

Rather than prevent a crisis, the debt deal has “already cost us our AAA credit rating,” according to Martin.

In addition, she explains that the tea party was the only organization pushing for the passage of the Full Faith and Credit Act, which would remove the threat of a national default.

A couple of hundred years ago a band of American patriots demonstrated their contempt for a distant Parliament that imposed unjust taxation upon citizens, with no say in the matter, by dumping British-taxed tea in Boston Harbor. It was one of the acts of defiance that helped spark the American Revolution and created a new nation.

Unlike the Boston tea party, today’s today’s tea party membership is nationwide and composed of people from every nook and cranny in this vast nation, but they feel the same determination to display their anger at the depredations of an out-of-control national government that the Boston patriots showed toward a distant monarch who legend tells us could not speak a word of English, preferring instead his native German.

It’s past time for a little tea dumping of our own — the bitter tea brewed by Barack Obama

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Obamanomics: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Like everybody else, presidents have birthdays and have a right to celebrate them and invite others to join them in the festivities. But taking advantage of the occasion to bash the rich and then charge some of them a whopping $40,000 to be able to sit near him as he observes his birthday is nothing short of outrageous.

The only thing President Obama excels in is fundraising — after all, when a president puts the arm on you, you can hardly say no. And the president has been putting the arm on a lot of his rich friends lately and raising big bucks for his upcoming reelection campaign. It’s a shame he can’t create jobs as efficiently as he raises money for himself. If he did I might even vote for him. However, he doesn’t, and so I won’t.

He should quit blaming the rich for being successful and take a look in the mirror. Instead of quoting my father to justify himself and his shocking incompetence he should try to imitate my Dad and try to govern as well as my Dad did.

In just barely two years he has driven the economy into a ditch yet has the gall to blame our economic troubles on President Bush, who has been out of office for two years. Moreover, during the last four years of the Bush presidency, Congress, which controls the purse strings and thus the economy, was controlled by the Democrats. It wasn’t George Bush who overspent; it was the Democrats on Capitol Hill who did their best to imitate the most drunken of the legendary drunken sailors.

“Spend and elect” has long been the policy for the Democratic Party and they have been on a spending spree since taking control of Capitol Hill with nary a word of caution coming from the Obama White House. The nation is already staggering over Washington’s out-of-control spending spree and we have yet to begin to pay the monstrous bills for such costly programs as Obamacare.

It appears that Barack Obama and his toadies on Capitol Hill have no concern over the fact that their overspending is placing a burden on our children and grandchildren, who will be burdened with paying the bill this generation’s overspending is putting on their shoulders. The time-honored American policy of each generation leaving their children a prosperous nation has been reversed by Obama and his Capitol Hill allies. Their heritage will be mountains of debt.

We are now experiencing a monetary crisis thanks to Obamanomics. The savings of the American people have been savaged by the president’s economic policies and the value of the dollar has plummeted, sending the price of gold skyrocketing. Economists are warning that the nation is heading into a double-dip recession.

Incredibly, the president and his toadies in the media and on Capitol Hill are blaming that growing army of Americans in the tea party for the economic problems for which he and he alone are to blame. Decent American citizens who comprise the tea party are labeled terrorists for daring to oppose Obama’s quasi-Marxist policies.

At the heart of Obamanomics is the discredited political movement that has its roots in the political and economic policies of Karl Marx. It is a policy that has wreaked havoc whenever its ugly head is raised.

Even with the debt-ceiling compromise in place, the stock market this week proved that investors are still nervous about the economy’s long-term health.

It may be a happy birthday for the president. It is not, however, a happy occasion for the American people, who are paying for the gifts he’s giving to himself.

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